Limo Linx 2009

Limo Linx 2009 9

FEATURESLimo Linx is a simple, easy-to-use invoice management...

FEATURESLimo Linx is a simple, easy-to-use invoice management system designed for the small limousine business. Processes are streamline to make the billing process quicker and less keystrokes.

As business owners, your focus is on your customer service. Let Limo Linx worry about your billing. Some features include:Records reservations with driver assignment Vehicle availability checking to simplify date and time selection and to prevent double-booking Auto email reservation to customer (coming) Scheduled email reminders of pending reservation(s) to assigned driver Easily converts reservations into invoicable orders Pre-defined rates by region for ease of rate input Default pickup/drop-off locations for repeat customers Invoice processing by all open orders or by customer Statement processing by customer Auto email invoice and statement to customers Reports: revenue, farmout, aging (coming) Password protected Company logo can be added to invoice/statement (logo must be supplied by customer) PLUS MORE!

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  • by Anonymous

    Excellent system. Quite easy to use. .
    User interface is nice and intuitive. I have the 2011 version though, ...   More